VSIS provides traffic signal strain poles through out the United States. Most any anchor bolt circle is available, or a free design is offered by VSIS, to meet a specified ground line moment. Galvanized or painted finish is available. VSIS also offers the option of using weathering steel, which requires no additional finish. Octagonal (eight-sided), round (sixteen-sided) or fluted poles can be designed and manufactured at VSIS. We include hand holes, couplings and span clamps with our poles. Additional options are available on request. VSIS will design and price a custom pole for every customer.

VSI traffic signal mast arm poles are made with arms ranging from 12' to 70’, with a tapered shaft. The standard upright height can be from 22' through 40' for combination light and mast arm poles. Poles can be finished with galvanizing or paint. The poles and arms are available in round tapered, polygonal as well as the decorative fluted style pole.