VSIS has a team of sales reps across the nation. We also have a highly qualified sales staff on-site at our offices in Mars, PA. Call today for inquiries, quotations, and placement of orders. We also have highly qualified people in our service department to help you with any special requirements or needs. The professional staff at VSIS is always ready to help with whatever project criteria you may have.

Everyone at VSIS is anxious to take your next order. Whether your bidding a Department of Transportation job, or a new shopping center intersection, give us a call at 270-900-0020 or call your local representative, John Fehrenbach at 330-536-7296 or e-mail at jfehrenbach@vsisales.com.


VSIS achieves this by delivering a quality product, on time, for a fair price. We pride ourselves on the service we give our customers from the time a job is quoted and ordered to beyond the date of delivery.

We have a complete staff of engineers with Professional Registration in a multitude of states, as well as with the National Council of Professional Engineers. Our engineering department is capable of providing custom designs that are often required to meet specific criteria such as AASHTO, AISC and NEMA. We use state-of-the-art computer software specially designed for our product lines.


Our manufacturing facilities are AISC Certified for Conventional Steel Structures and Simple Steel Bridges. Some of our facilities’ certifications include a Fracture Critical endorsement. AISC demands only the highest standards of quality in welding, procedures, and organization.


Everyone at VSIS is committed to providing you, our valued customers, with superior service, products and excellent results on your projects. Our service begins with your initial call and continues throughout and beyond the completion of the contract. Whether you are bidding a DOT project, or a new shopping center intersection. Read More...