VSIS provides a broad range of infrastructure solutions. VSIS is the only tapered monopole manufacturer that has a complete sign structure division. VSIS has a national presence in the private and public sector, and is capable and willing to approach the many challenges presented.

VSIS poles and structures can be manufactured from steel, concrete or aluminum. We can also use a combination or theses to form a hybrid pole or structure

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Our manufacturing facilities are AISC Certified for Conventional Steel Structures and Simple Steel Bridges. Some of our facilities’ certifications include a Fracture Critical endorsement. AISC demands only the highest standards of quality in welding, procedures, and organization.


Everyone at VSIS is committed to providing you, our valued customers, with superior service, products and excellent results on your projects. Our service begins with your initial call and continues throughout and beyond the completion of the contract. Whether you are bidding a DOT project, or a new shopping center intersection. Read More...